Regional Dialogue – A Dialogue on Non-Violence and Conflict Mediation in Karene District with Youths and Women Groups.

Campaign for Good Governance, through Trocaire with support from USAID concluded a one day regional dialogue with youths and women’s groups on Non-Violence and Conflict Mediation from 8 different Chiefdoms in Karene District.

The activity entailed discussion and experience sharing session on issues related to conflict resolution, root causes of conflicts and violence in their communities.

To further provoke their interest in promoting Peacbuilding, we gave them the opportunity to delve into the challenges as well as the root causes of violence affecting their district.

Salient recommendations were opined by the participants and Action points were taken down which will be tracked by CGG.
Through the Regional Dialogue, a conflict Mediation Committee was established in which their primary function is to resolve conflict through collaboration and coordination with Peace Ambassadors, other institutions and community members.

The team was assured that as they have already been engaging communities on Peacebuilding related topics, they will continue to work hard to sensitize their communities and make sure they serve as mediators whenever an issue of conflict or violence occur in their communities.

The manager for the P2P project, Landiya Ade-Williams reassured them of CGG’s commitment to promoting Peacebuilding and women & youths empowerment, and also promised that all action points listed and recommendations made would be taken into high consideration.

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