The Dynamic Team at CGG

The Dynamic Team at CGG

Photo of Marcella Samba Sesay

Executive director

Marcella Samba-Sesay

Marcella is a civil society leader and governance expert with Twenty (20) years of standing in Sierra Leone. She is a compelling, consistent and prominent advocate who uses her voice to promote citizens’ participation in governance, democratic reforms, women’s empowerment and electoral integrity. She has emerged as a frontline democracy activist and campaigner for credible elections in the African continent.

A photo of bernadette avioseh french

Director of programmes

Bernadette Abioseh French

Bernadette is a human right defender and gender specialist. She has Twenty (20) years experience in championing advocacy efforts for the promotion of human rights, Gender equality and Transitional Justice. Over the years, she has mobilised, trained various groups including women political aspirants and candidates, youth and civil society representatives on leadership, campaign skills, transitional justice and feminist organising.

Photo of Sahr Kendema

Programme Manager

Sahr Kendema

Sahr is an activist, political scientist, trained diplomat and development expert with over Fourteen (14) years experience on women’s empowerment; socioeconomic and political governance projects and initiatives. He is one of the eloquent He4She Champions who has advocated and contributed to the passing of Sierra Leone first-ever Gender Equality and Women’s Empower Act 2022.

photo of abubakarr sillah

Finance Manager

Abubakarr Sillah

Abubakarr has extensive experience in administration and budget management, including but not limited to annual budget planning in line with strategic goals, resource allocations, managing staff budgets and grants, designing and implementing sound financial procedures and systems as per requirement of the organization. He handles direct oversight of financial management, analysis and reporting of all projects including coordination of an integrated budget supporting multi-year initiatives.

Photo of Landiya Ade-Williams

Landiya Ade-Williams

Landiya is the Manager for Campaign for Good Governance’s People to People Peace Building Project (P2P). Landiya is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone with six (6) years standing at the Bar. She has a blend of professional and practioner’s experience, ranging from legal practice, to corporate governance, human rights and peacebuilding. Landiya is passionate about women and girls’ empowerment, and national cohesion.

photo of esther conteh-sawaneh

Esther Conteh- Sawaneh

Esther is the Finance Officer at CGG. She has over Seven (7) years working experience in financial management, maintenance of financial files, records, budgeting, financial reporting and recently quick books management. With skills acquired.

photo of Jimnanah Macauley

Jimnanah Macauley

Jimnanah is CGG’s Grant Accountant for the People to People Peace Building Project. With over Ten (10) years experience in financial management and systems, Jimnanah goes with the view that financial literacy is a progressive tool for women empowerment in Sierra Leone.

photo of juliana

Juliana Kumba Ngongou

Juliana has vast knowledge in providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the organization. Juliana also serves as Support Head of admin through a variety of tasks related to CGG’s projects. She contributes to the development of new activities. Implement administrative systems to ensure day to day workflow effectively, maintain filling systems, and ensure all organizational documents are kept up to date and relevant.

photo of Henry Hopanda Jabaty

Henry Hopanda Jabaty

Henry is the Project Officer at CGG. He is a trained project officer with several years of work experience around promoting women’s peace and security most especially promoting women’s empowerment in governance and decision making spaces at all levels.

Photo of Tiannah Umu Massally kpakra

Tiannah Umu Massally kpakra

Tiannah is the Project officer for Mainstreaming the Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment (GEWE) Act through the Localization of Women Peace and Security (WPS) in Serra Leone project at CGG. She has over Six (6) years working experience in advocacy and she is a women’s champion for equality and Peacebuilding.

Photo of Mariama Sahid

Mariama Sahid

Mariama is the Communications Officer at CGG, She has over Five (5) working experience in Media and development communication. She is an advocate for young women, youth and girls participation in governance and development. She also serves as the Advocacy Officer for Young Women in Democracy Forum, an initiative by CGG to promote young women’s participation in leadership roles in Sierra Leone.

Photo of sarah sesay
photo of Siaka Kargbo
photo of Harold Kamara
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