CGG Spearheaded a Three Day “Seeds of Peace” Training

peace ambassadors

Karene District, North-West Province, 13th -15th December, 2023.

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) with funding from USAID through Trocaire spearheaded a three day “Seeds of Peace” training of Peace Ambassadors, simultaneously across Feredugu, Kamalo and Kamakwie Town, in a bid to strengthen their knowledge on conflict and violence prevention in Karene District.

The Peace Ambassadors training was also an effort to foster a collaborative and community based approach to promoting peacebuilding, as well as enhancing leadership and developmental strides.

The training targeted women and youths who are willing to promote peace and cohesion in their communities.

One Hundred and Fifty (150) Peace Ambassadors from various communities in Karene District were trained on different topics including conceptual framework on conflict, violence and peace, types of violence, tools or methods of analysing conflict (the ABC triangle, Dividers and Connectors), stages of conflict or violence with a premium on the wood/fire analogy which focuses on conflict prevention, responding to conflict, communication skills among others.

The training climaxed with the certification of Peace Ambassadors and affirmed their commitment to promoting peacebuilding in their various communities.

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