Advancing Women’s Empowerment: CGG Launches NEWMAP in Partnership with Trocaire and IrishAid

Photo of the President of Sierra Leone, Juluis Maada Bio

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG), in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, embarked on a transformative initiative supported by Trocaire and IrishAid. Together, they launched the Network of Women Ministers and Members of Parliament (NEWMAP), a dynamic platform aimed at advancing women’s socioeconomic and political priority policy issues in Sierra Leone.

NEWMAP stands as a beacon of hope for gender equality and women’s empowerment. With the backing of esteemed partners Trocaire and IrishAid, CGG and the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs are poised to drive transformative change and elevate the voices of women in positions of power.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in Sierra Leone’s journey towards gender equality and inclusive governance. NEWMAP’s primary goal is to amplify women’s voices and advocate for policies that address their unique needs and challenges.

By uniting women ministers and members of parliament, NEWMAP fosters collaboration, shares best practices, and champions initiatives that promote gender equality and inclusive development.

Through strategic partnerships and targeted advocacy efforts, NEWMAP seeks to influence policy formulation and implementation processes to ensure they are gender-responsive and equitable.

By prioritizing women’s socioeconomic and political priorities, the network aims to create an enabling environment where women can thrive and contribute meaningfully to nation-building.

Moreover, NEWMAP serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women across Sierra Leone. By harnessing the collective power of women in leadership, NEWMAP represents a bold step towards building a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

As NEWMAP gains momentum, CGG, Trocaire, IrishAid, and the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs remain steadfast in their commitment to supporting women’s empowerment and advancing gender equality in Sierra Leone.

Together, they stand poised to drive transformative change and usher in a brighter, more inclusive future for generations to come

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